2022 Symposium

6th Annual RNA Symposium, “Towards our Future of RNA Therapeutics”

Friday, March 25, 2022, 8:30am – 4:00pm
A. Alfred Taubman Biomedical Science Research Bldg, Kahn Auditorium
109 Zina Pitcher Pl, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Agenda - Friday, March 25, 2022
8:00amCoffeeOn-Site Registration
8:30amWelcome & Introductions:President Mary Sue Coleman
8:40am Keynote 1:
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Jack Szostak, PhD
Harvard Medical School / University of Chicago
"The emergence of RNA from heterogeneous prebiotic chemistry"
9:35amKeynote 2:
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Gigi Storz, PhD
National Institute of Child Health and Human Development
"RNA-mediated regulation within protein-coding sequences"
10:20am Data Blitz 2:
Chase Weidmann, PhD
 Assistant Professor, Biological Chemistry
 “RNA-protein interaction networks in living cells"
10:30amCoffee Break
10:45am Data Blitz 3:
Renke Tan
Graduate Student, Biological Chemistry
“ Cas11 enables genome engineering in human cells with compact CRISPR-Cas3 systems”

10:55amKeynote 3:
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Chris Burge, PhD
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
"Impact of RNA-Binding Proteins on Human Genomic Variation"
11:40am Data Blitz 4:
Sethu Pitchiaya, PhD
Assistant Professor, Urology and Pathology
“Dynamic higher-order miRISC assembly promotes mRNA repression”

11:50am Data Blitz 5:
Nico Gomez
Graduate Student, Neurology
"Exogenous UPF1 corrects TDP-43-directed NMD-sensitization of transcriptome in neuronal models of ALS”

12:00pmBox Lunch with Speakers, Faculty and Students (or on your own Click here for nearby lunch options)
1:00pmWelcome Back & IntroductionRebecca Cunningham, Vice President for Research
1:10pmKeynote 4:
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Wendy Gilbert, PhD
Yale School of Medicine
"Decoding the untranslated"
1:55pm Data Blitz 6:
Stephanie Moon, PhD
Assistant Professor, Human Genetics
 "Regulation of stress granule dynamicity by valosin-containing protein"
2:05pmKeynote 5:
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Michelle Hastings, PhD
Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science
"Splice-Modulating Antisense Oligonucleotides for the Treatment of Disease"
3:00pmCoffee & Panel Discussion: "Future of RNA Therapeutics"
Moderated by: John Androsavich, Pfizer Global Lead, RNA Medicine

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