Center for RNA Biomedicine Brand Downloads

Welcome to the Center for RNA Biomedicine’s branding page! Here you can download official logos, images, and graphic designs that represent our center. We encourage our faculty, students, and partners to use these materials to signify their association with the center in relation to their work or research.

Please note that by downloading and using these visuals, you agree to the following conditions:

  • The graphics must not be modified or incorporated into new designs.
  • The University of Michigan’s logos, including the Block M and unit logos, are primarily for official University units, student groups officially recognized by the University, and approved vendors.
  • Students and alumni may use these logos in their academic presentations or posters, provided that the work showcased was completed at the University of Michigan.

Remember that the Center for RNA Biomedicine’s logo and the University of Michigan Block M are registered trademarks, protected by University policies. For comprehensive guidelines on using these trademarks, please visit the U-M Brand & Visual Identity webpage for complete information.