Bru-Seq Lab

The University of Michigan Bru-seq Lab is a core facility that provides nascent RNA sequencing using four techniques: Bru-seq, BruChase-seq, BruUV-seq, and BruDRB-seq. This service is all-inclusive, starting with cells and ending with basic data analysis. In addition, users will have access to our exclusive pipeline to perform further data analysis.

Our areas of expertise are RNA isolation, cDNA library preparation, and sequencing data analysis.
We serve researchers from the University of Michigan, and other institutions in the United States and around the world.

Visit our iLabs page (with your U-M login) and schedule your service here:

Services Offered

Sequencing techniques:
Bru-seq (RNA transcription)
BruChase-seq (RNA Stability)
BruUV-seq (identification of enhancers and transcription start sites)
BruDRB-seq (RNA elongation rates)

Services include:
Bromouridine labeling of cells and cell collection
Total and nascent RNA isolation
cDNA Library Preparation
Sequencing (using the University of Michigan DNA Sequencing Core)
Sample mapping and data analysis


U-M internal: $300 per sample (price reflects discount from U-M Biosciences Initiative)
External Academic: $650 per sample
External Private/Commercial:  please contact us for pricing


For project initiation: Mats Ljungman
For data analysis information: Karan Bedi
For all other information (sample dropoff, technical questions, etc.): Michelle Paulsen

Ordering through iLabs:
Phone: 734-232-5438  OR 734-764-3330
Email: Core Manager, Michelle Paulsen,
Locations: 1361 and 1410 B520 NCRC


Photo: Stained gel used to analyze the quality of Bru-seq