2018-2019 RNA Seminars


4th annual Toronto RNA Enthusiasts Day (TREnD) 7/30/19 (flyer)
Keynote speaker: Dr. Tracy Johnson (UCLA)
SickKids Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning (686 Bay St, Toronto, Ontario)
For more information visit: trendrna.com

2nd Conference on Biomotors, Virus Assembly and Nanobiotechnology 7/29/19  (flyer)
Ohio State University, Cleveland OH
For more information visit: rnanano.osu.edu/Guo/Biomotor2019/Biomotor2019.html

ENCODE 2019: Research Applications and Users Meeting
July 8th – 10th, 2019 | Seattle, WA
Keynote Speakers: Nancy Cox (Vanderbilt University) and Steve Henikoff (Fred Hutch, HHMI)
For more information click here

RNA Innovation Seminar|| Structural Biology & Molecular Biology (6/10/19)
1.) “The Center for Structural Biology: Now and in the Future plus a sneak peek at ZAP”
Jeanne Stuckey Ph.D., Associate Professor, Life Sciences Institute
2.)  “Matrin 3 toxicity and regulation in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and frontotemporal dementia models”
Ahmed Malik, Ph.D. candidate from the Sami Barmada lab

“Not all proteins are born alike: Evolution solutions in translational control” flyer (6/6/19)
Dr. Michal Linial (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Hosted by: DCMB Seminar series

June 3rd RNA Innovation Seminar
Foster & Dandpat

RNA Innovation Seminar || Theme: Biochemistry (flyer) (6/3/19)
1.)  “Investigating the Coactivator Med25 – Activator Recognition Features”
Nick Foster, Ph.D. candidate, from the Anna Mapp lab
2.)  “Local-to-global signal transduction at the core of the Mn2+ sensing

Shiba Dandpat, Ph.D. candidate from the Nils Walter lab

RNA & Human Genetics Faculty Candidate Seminar (5/30/19)
“Spatiotemporal regulation of mRNA function in health and neurological disease” (abstract)
Stephanie Moon, PhD
, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Post-doctoral Fellow
University of Colorado, Boulder

RNA Innovation Seminar || Theme: Genetics
1.) “Meta-prediction of gene expression levels from genotypes across multiple tissues and datasets”
Andrew Liu, Ph.D. candidate in Biostatistics from the Hyun Kang lab
2.)  “Maternal Control of Paternal X-inactivation”
Marissa Cloutier, Ph.D.,  from the Sundeep Kalantry Lab

Symposium: Reinventing Drug Discovery through Chemical Biology (5/16/19)
11:30 am  Amanda Garner, PhD “Identification of Kinase-Targeted Drug Combinations using Chemoproteomics”
Sponsor: Cayman Chemical

“Epigenomics” (5/16/19)
Stephen C.J. Parker, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Computational Medicine & Bioinformatics, and Department of Human Genetics.
Hosted by: Taubman Tech Talks

“A novel CRISPR/Cas9 approach for targeting cancer” (5/13/19)
Mats Ljungman, Ph.D.
Hosted by:RCC Grand Rounds at NCRC

Video-rate AFM Workshop for Dynamic Imaging (5/7/19)
Sponsored by the Single Molecule Analysis in Real-Time (SMART) Center, a University of Michigan Biosciences Initiative Research Coreand Oxford Instruments.

Elucidating RNA structure and the molecular recognition properties of multi-domain enzymes: nucleic acid binding interactions at the chromatin interface  (flyer) (5/7/19)
Nick Reiter (Marquette University)
Hosted by: Chemistry seminar series

MCDB Connell Symposium (5/6/19)
“The two faces of Xist RNA”
Jeannie Lee, M.D., Ph.D.

Novel Insights into Regulatory RNAs Using Novel high-throughput tools in vivo  flyer (4/30/19)
Lydia Contreras (University of Texas)
Hosted by: Biological Chemistry seminar series

Chemical Approaches to Interrogating the Transcriptome flyer (4/30/19)
Robert Spitale (University of California Irvine)
Hosted by: Chemistry seminar series

RNA Innovation Seminar || Theme: Cell Biology flyer (4/29/19)
1.) “A NOVA1-PTBP1-PTBP2 Axis in Telomerase Alternative Splicing”
Mohammed E. Sayed, Ph.D., from the Andrew Ludlow Integrative Molecular Genetics Laboratory
2.)  “Epigenetic hijacking of developmental HOX programs promotes Ewing sarcoma tumorigenesis”
April Apfelbaum, Graduate Student–Cancer Biology Program from the Beth Lawlor lab

Chemical Regulation of Functional RNAs flyer (4/23/19)
Yunsun Nam (UT Southwestern)
Hosted by: Chemistry seminar series

RNA Innovation Seminar flyer (4/22/19)
1.) “The Mechanism of RAN Translation at Repeat Expansion Mutations”
Katelyn Green, Ph.D. candidate from the Peter Todd Lab Keywords: Translation initiation, neurodegeneration, repeat RNAs
2.) “Isolation of exosomes from blood by integrating acoustics and microfluidics” abstract
Mengxi Wu, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Fellow, Kurabayashi Lab, and previously Duke University Acoustofluidics Lab

Super-Resolution Microscopy Made Simple (4/18/19)
Josh Vaughan (University of Washington)
Hosted by: Chemistry seminar series Faculty Host: Julie Biteen

RNA Innovation Seminar || Co-sponsored with the Department of Cellular and Developmental Biology (4/8/2019)
“Are Stress Granules up to PAR?” abstract
Anthony Leung, PhD, Associate Professor, Johns Hopkins

Viral Subversion of Nuclear Pathways: Opportunities for Therapy (4/4/2019)
Beatriz M.A. Fontoura, Ph.D. (University of Texas-Southwestern
Hosted by: Department of Microbiology and Immunology

The Origin Recognition Complex: Where It All Begins (4/2/19)
Leemor Joshu-Tor, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Hosted by: Biological Chemistry Ludwig Lectureship seminar series

4th Annual RNA Symposium – Foundational RNA Biosciences: From Discovery to Function (3/29/19)
Featuring Keynote speakers:
1.) Rachel Green, PhD, Johns Hopkins University
2.) David Bartel, PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
3.) Howard Chang, PhD, Stanford University
4.) Kristen Lynch, PhD, University of Pennsylvania
5.) Alice Telesnitsky, PhD, University of Michigan

3/25/19 RNA Guest speaker
Ron Breaker



RNA Innovation Seminar || External Speaker (3/25/19)
Comprehensive Discovery of Bacterial Ribozymes and Riboswitches
Ronald Breaker, PhD, Yale University

The Short and the Long of Telomeres: Structures, Mechanisms, and Disease Implication (flyer(3/22/19)
Feng Qiao (UC, Irvine)
Hosted by: MCDB seminar series

Dynamics of rRNA-protein interactions during transcription (3/22/19)
Sarah Woodson (Johns Hopkins University)
Hosted by: Biophysics seminar series

“A Transcript for All Reasons: RNA Biomedicine” flyer (3/21/19)
Nils Walter & Mats Ljungman, co-directors of the U-M RNA Center for Biomedicine.
Hosted by: Taubman Tech Talks





RNA Faculty Candidate Seminar (3/20/19)
“Spatiotemporal regulation of mRNA function in health and neurological disease” (abstract) Stephanie Moon, PhD , Howard Hughes Medical Institute Post-doctoral Fellow
University of Colorado, Boulder

Studies of RNA methylation and chromatin architecture (3/18/19)
Chuan He (University of Chicago)
Hosted by: Chemistry seminar series

RNA Faculty Candidate Seminar (03/13/19)
“Uncovering post-transcriptional regulatory mechanisms underling human diseases Through CRISPR-based screening strategies”(abstract)
Thomas Gonatopoulos-Pournatzis, PhD , Postdoctoral Fellow, Blencowe Laboratory
Donnelly Centre, University of Toronto

March 11th Guest speaker
Jeffrey, Kieft (Colorado)

RNA Innovation Seminar || External Speaker (3/11/19)
“A novel mode of RNA maturation in viruses…and beyond?” flyer
Jeffrey Kieft, PhD, University of Colorado





Deciphering patterns in selective small molecule:RNA interactions (flyer) (03/03/19)
Amanda Hargrove (Duke University)
Hosted by: Chemistry seminar series

Mar 4th RNA Innovation Seminar
Nagrath & Cani

RNA Innovation Seminar || Theme: Transcriptome analysis (flyer) (3/4/19)
1.) “RAS-AGO2 interaction-What’s the RISC?” Sunita Shankar, Ph.D. Research Investigator from Arul Chinnaiyan lab
2.)  “Development of a Whole-Urine, RNA-based Next Generation Sequencing Assay for Early Detection of Aggressive Prostate Cancer” Andi Cani, Ph.D. candidate from Scott Tomlins lab




Feb 27, 2019 Guest speaker, Samie Jaffrey, MD, PhD, (Cornell)

“The dynamic epitranscriptome: Control of gene expression through regulated and reversible mRNA modifications” abstract (2/27/219)
Samie Jaffrey, MD, PhD, Greenberg-Starr Professor, Pharmacology, Weill Cornell Medicine
Co-hosted by Center for RNA Biomedicine & UM Chromatin Club


“Elucidating the Interplay Between RNA Structure and Gene Expression During Vertebrate Embryogenesis” (2/26/19)
Jean Denis Beaudoin, PhD (Giraldez Lab, Yale University)
Hosted by: BiolChem Faculty Candidate Seminar


“Anatomy of the long noncoding RNA” (flyer) (2/19/19)
Mauro Calabrese, Ph.D. (University of North Carolina, School of Medicine, Chapel Hill)
Hosted by: Department of Human Genetics Seminar Series
Faculty Host: Sundeep Kalantry

“Rhythmic Transcriptomes: Circadian or Sleep-Wake Driven?” (2/8/19)
Paul Franken 
(Universite de Lausanne, Switzerland)
Hosted by: MCDB Seminar Series


Feb 4th RNA Seminar
Morgan & Robertson

RNA Innovation Seminar || Theme: Medicinal Chemistry (flyer) (2/4/19)
1.) “Rational Approaches to Design and Synthesize RNA-Biased Small Molecule Libraries” abstract
Brittany Morgan, Ph.D. from the Anna Mapp lab
2.) “Towards the Treatment of HIV: Isolation and Structural Characterization of Natural Product Nef Inhibitors” abstract
Andrew Robertson, Ph.D. Postdoctoral Fellow from the David Sherman lab


MCDB Faculty Candidate Seminar (1/24/19)
“Organizational Principles of 3D Genome Architecture”

Jordan Rowley, PhD (Corces Lab, Emory)

MCDB Faculty Candidate Seminar (1/22/19)
“Structural Insights into the 7SK Core RNP, a Major Regulator of Eukaryotic Transcription”
Catherine Eichorn, PhD (Feigon Lab, UCLA)

BiolChem Faculty Candidate Seminar (1/22/19)
“Structure-Based Discovery of RNA Regulatory Mechanisms.”

Anthony Mustoe, PhD (Weeks Lab, UNC)

RNA Innovation Seminar || Theme: Microbiology (flyer) 1/21/19
1.) “RNA virus mutation rates, new approaches to some old problems”
Adam Lauring, M.D., Ph.D., Associate Professor
Departments of Internal Medicine and Microbiology and Immunology
2.) “Seq-ing to Find Population Development During Biofilm Formation”
Janet Price, Ph.D. candidate, from Matthew Chapman lab

 Pathology Research Seminar (1/17/19)
“The ribosome makes and the ribosome breaks”

Zissimos Mourelatos (University of Pennsylvannia)

Chromatin Biology symposium (1/14/19)
Invited Speakers: Stavros Lomvardas (UCSF)Alexander Ruthenburg (UChicago)Bassem Al-Sady (UCSF)Xiaobing Shi (Van Andel)Albert Basson (Kings College)Berenice Benayoun (USC)Charles Gersbach (Duke)Natalia Ivanova (Yale)Kelvin Kwan (Rutgers)Jessica Tyler (Cornell)

Predicting RNA Structure with Physics and Sequence Comparison (1/11/19)
David Mathews (University of Rochester Med School)

Dec 17th RNA Seminar

RNA Innovation Seminars || Theme: Biochemistry (flyer) (12/17/19)
1.) Monika Franco, PhD candidate from the Kristin Koutmou Lab
“Modification of mRNA can alter translation elongation, fidelity, and termination” (abstract)
2.) Gulzhan Raiymbek, PhD, from the Ragunathan Lab
“A non-enzymatic function associated with a putative histone demethylase regulates heterochromatin spreading and inheritance” (abstract)

MCDB Faculty Candidate Seminar (12/11/18)
“Single-cell decomposition of vertebrate cell fate hierarchies and control logic”
David Wagner, PhD (Klein Lab, Harvard University)

 Biological Chemistry Seminar series (12/11/18)
Mechanisms of Branch Site Selection by the Spliceosome

Aaron Hoskins (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

 Chemistry seminar series (12/10/18)
Bringing Biochemistry into the Genomic Era
Dan Herschlag (Stanford University)

Microbiology & Immunology Seminar  (12/6/18)
Visualizing the Assembly of Influenza Viral RNA (flyer)
Seema Lakdawala (University of Pittsburgh)
Faculty Host: Adam Lauring, M.D., Ph.D

Biological Chemistry seminar series (12/4/18)
Single-cell heterogeneity in proliferation-quiescence decisions

Sabrina Spencer (University of Colorado, Boulder)
Faculty Host: Peter Freddolino

RNA Innovation Seminars || Theme: Structural Biology (12/3/18)

Dec 3rd RNA Seminar
Zhang & Purchal

1.) Huaqun Zhang, PhD postdoc from the Keane Lab
“Biophysical study of the RNA thermosensor prfA-UTR”

2.) Meredith Purchal, PhD candidate co-mentored by Markos Koutmos and  Kristin Koutmou
“Deciphering the Structure and Function of mRNA-Modifying Pseudouridine Synthases” (Abstract)

Department of Chemistry Seminar (12/3/18)
Dynamics of 3D genome organization at single-molecule resolution in living cells (abstract)
Anders Hansen (UC Berkley)

Biological Chemistry seminar series (11/27/18)
Shaping the Genome Through DNA Repair
Sylvie Doublie (University of Vermont)


Nov 26th RNA Innovation Seminar
Kuo & Lamb

RNA Innovation Seminars || Theme: Genetics (11/26/18)

1.) Molly Kuo, MD/PhD candidate from the Antonellis Lab, Human Genetics
“Determining the role of cysteinyl-tRNA synthetase (CARS) variants in human disease” (Abstract)

2.) Abby Lamb, PhD candidate from the Wittkopp Lab, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology “Coordinate regulation of genes controlling Drosophila pigmentation development by microRNAs” (Abstract)

Department of Chemistry Seminar (11/20/18)
Roles of elusive translational GTPases (LepA and BipA) come to light (flyer)
Kurt Fredrick (The Ohio State University)

Nov 19th RNA Seminar
Painter & Kalinksi

RNA Innovation Seminars || Theme: Cell Biology (11/19/18)
1.) Mark Painter, PhD candidate from the Kathleen Collins research group Title of talk: “Contributions of the hematopoietic stem and progenitor cell HIV reservoir to persistent viremia in treated HIV patients” Keywords: RNA virus, HIV, Latency, Viremia, Reverse transcription, RNA secondary structure, tRNA priming (abstract)

2.) Ashley Kalinski, Ph.D. Postdoctoral Research Fellow, from the Giger Lab Title of talk: “Dual Leucine Zipper Kinase: Elucidating the local role of a major player of axon regeneration”  (abstract)

Nov 13th “Beer & Science” event

Special event || “Beer & Science”
hosted by Qiagen (11/13/18)
Conor O’Neill’s




Department of Chemistry Seminar (11/12/18)
RNA tertiary structure and its role in molecular recognition: lessons from self-splicing group II introns and lncRNA molecules
Anna Marie Pyle (Yale University)
Hosted by: Dept of Chemistry Moses Gomberg Lecture Series

Biological Chemistry Seminar (11/6/18)
Defective RNA Binding of ALS FUS Mutant Induces Aberrant Phase Separation
Sua Myong (Johns Hopkins University)
Faculty Host: Kaushik Ragunathan

Biological Chemistry Seminar (10/30/18)
Building Polycomb Repressed Chromatin
Nicole Frances (McGill)
Faculty Host: Kaushik Ragunathan

Department of Chemistry Seminar (10/16/18)
Understanding spliceosome mechanism with small molecule inhibitors
Melissa Jurica  (UC Santa Cruz) || Faculty host: Nils Walter

Oct 15th RNA Innovation Seminar
Zhao & Maldovan

RNA Innovation Seminar || Theme: Molecular Biology (10/15/18)
1.) “Myc plays an important role in myocyte reprogramming and extraocular muscle regeneration” (abstract)
Yi Zhao, PhD (Kahana Lab)

2.) “RNA ligation precedes U6 snRNA/LINE-1 retrotransposition” (abstract)
John Moldovan, PhD (Moran Lab)

Symposium:  Thurs, Oct 11th 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM, BRSB  “Protein Folding Diseases Initiative Symposium”

RNA Innovation Seminars || Theme: Computational Analysis (10/1/18)
1.) “Human skeletal muscle eQTL meta-analysis reveals long-range genetic regulations”)
Li Guan, PhD candidate from the Laura Scott research group) (abstract)

2.) “Heritability estimation and differential analysis of count data with generalized linear mixed models in genomic sequencing studies” (abstract)
Shiquan Sun, Ph.D., Postdoctoral fellow from the Zhou Lab

Biophysics seminar (9/28/18)
“Folded Viral RNAs that Sense the Host Cell Machinery: Windows into RNA Structure-Based Regulation”
 Jeffrey Kieft 
(University of Colorado) || Faculty host: Nils Walter

Chemistry seminar (9/24/18)
“RNA as a Drug Target and Material for Nanotechnology”
Thomas Hermann (UC San Diego)
Faculty Host: Aaron Frank (flyer)

MCDB seminar (9/21/18)
“Exploring and Exploiting the Pentatricopeptide Repeat Proteins: Programmable RNA-Binding Proteins that Emerged Through Nuclear-Organellar Coevolution”

Alice Barkan (University of Oregon)
Faculty Host: Andrzej Wierzbicki

MedChem Seminar (9/20/18)
“Chemical Probing of Translational Control and microRNA Biology”
Amanda L. Garner, PhD; Assistant Professor, Department of Medicinal Chemistry, College of Pharmacy

RNA Innovation Seminars || Theme: Transcriptome Analysis (9/10/18)
1.) “Epigenetic Reprogramming in Mutant IDH1 Glioma Enhances DNA-Damage Response”
Felipe J Núñez, Ph.D.
(Postdoctoral fellow from the Castro/Lowenstein lab)
Keywords: Glioma, mutant IDH1, histone methylation, epigenetic reprogramming, DNA-damage, genomic stability, radio-resistance

2.) “Not just reads: associate single-cell RNA-seq data with cell images using Fluidigm C1″
Hongjiu Zhang, Ph.D. candidate (PhD student from the Guan Lab)
Keywords: Fluidigm C1, imaging, cell size, quantification

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