Our Members at The RNA Society 25th Annual Meeting

May 27



Meredith Purchal, Ryan McNassor, Hari Sharma, Taslima Khan, Leena Malik, Kristin Koutmou, Markos Koutmos, Structure and function of yeast pseudouridine synthase 7


May 29



Ian Hall, Huaqun Zhang, Amos Nissley, Kyrillos Abdallah, Sarah Keane, Molecular Mechanisms of Regulatory RNAs from Listeria monocytogenes



8:00–9:00 pm, Poster Session 9: Splicing & Polyadenylation
Thomas A. Whelan, C. Alisha Quandt, Timothy Y. James, Naomi M. Fast, Spliceosomal diversity and a transcriptomic analysis of Rozella allomycis


9:00–10:00 pm, Poster Session 5: RNA Modification & Condensation
Sethu Pitchiaya, Ameya Jalihal, Pushpinder Bawa, Karan Bedi, Lanbo Xiao, Xia Jiang, Marcin Cieslik, Mats Ljungman, Arul Chinnaiyan, Nils Walter, Rapid and reversible phase-separation of multivalent proteins during osmotic cell volume change modulates RNA metabolism



Aaron Goldstrohm, Michael Wolfe, Trista Schagat, Michelle Paulsen, Brian Magnuson, Mats Ljungman, Daeyoon Park, Chi Zhang, Zachary Campbell, Peter Freddolino, Discovering the principles of mRNA control by human Pumilio proteins using transcriptome-wide stability measurements, in vitro affinity profiling, and integrative data analysis.

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