Christopher Lima, Ph.D. – Keynote speaker, 2021 RNA Symposium


KEYNOTE SPEAKER 5: March 26, 2021, 12:10–1:05 pm

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“Mechanisms that target RNA for destruction”
Christopher D. Lima, Ph.D.
Alfred P. Sloan Chair; Chair and Member and Professor, Structural Biology Program, Sloan Kettering Institute; Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

The Christopher Lima Lab

Decay and quality control pathways ensure that RNA is cleared from cells after it is used or if it is found to be aberrant or defective in function. One such pathway involves the RNA exosome, a multi-subunit exoribonuclease complex that contributes to nuclear RNA processing or decay through interactions with co-factors that bridge the RNA exosome to helicase-dependent processing complexes that prepare and present RNA substrates for processing and/or degradation. Results will be presented from ongoing biochemical and structural studies aimed at understanding how RNA exosome co-factors coordinate the activities of the RNA exosome in pathways that contribute to RNA quality control.

Keywords: RNA, RNA exosome, helicase, RBM7, NEXT complex, R-loop, RNA degradation, poly(A), poly(U)

Supported in part by HHMI and the National Institutes of Health (GM118080)

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