RNA Faculty Spotlight — Sundeep Kalantry, Human Genetics

Sundeep Kalantry, Ph.D
Associate Professor
Associate Chair for Research
Department of Human Genetics

Our research aims to define how epigenetic regulation occurs in mammals. We use X-chromosome inactivation, which results in transcriptional silencing of most genes along one of the two X-chromosomes in female mammals, to gain insights into epigenetic processes, including through chromatin modifications and long-non coding RNAs.
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  • What are your research interests?  Observing how lncRNAs impact the epigenome.


  • Who/what brought you to science?  The desire to understand how genes make us both similar and unique.


  • What advice would you give to students who’d like to get more involved in research?  Work in areas that excite you, which inspire you!


  • Are there any opportunities for students to engage in your projects, currently or in the future?  Absolutely.  The spectrum of projects span on rotation-scale to thesis to post-doctoral projects.  We are a cohesive group that works in a very integrated manner.


  • What skills would they need, and what could they expect to learn?  Gene regulation in all its varied forms!


  • What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?  Genetic anthropology.

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