Giving Tuesday, November 28

Every year on Giving Tuesday, millions of people around the world join together to support causes and organizations that are making a difference. At the University of Michigan, impactful projects across all three campuses and Michigan Medicine are funded each year thanks to the generosity of the U-M community on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. 

With a donation to the Center for RNA Biomedicine, you can support and advance the RNA research and its scientific community. The center is actively seeking support for fellowships, events, and facility equipment. Learn more.

Turn the dream of so many individuals stricken with rare genetic diseases and cancer become a reality. Give Online Today!

Please consider joining in and helping these efforts reach their goals by making a gift on Nov. 28.

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No matter the size of your gift, it has the potential for more impact on Giving Tuesday, when matches and challenges can help your donation go even further.

A donation of any amount makes a real difference to these causes, our campuses, and our community.

Thank you, and Go Blue!

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