MCubed Block – the foundation that would lead to the Center for RNA Biomedicine

MCubed stimulates innovative research and scholarship by distributing real-time seed funding to multi-unit, faculty-led teams.  Through this revolutionary research funding program, faculty from at least two different campus units can form a collaborative trio, or “cube,” and request either $60K or $15K to advance their idea right away.

The projects below represent RNA-related science developed as a block of MCubed 2.0 under the umbrella of the Center for RNA Biomedicine.

Annotating long non coding RNAs (lncRNA) in zebrafish using an adult muscle regeneration model

Biological relevance of circulating exosomes in the pathology of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Control of Cell Cycle and Direct Reprogramming at the Single Cell Level.

Massive human single-cell transcriptome analysis of healthy and diseased kidney tissues applying droplet microfluidic technology (Drop-Seq)

Precise in situ transcriptome mapping by correlated fluorescence imaging
and single cell RNA sequencing

Single-molecule counting of cancer biomarker RNAs in human biofluids

The role of environmental toxins on natural killer cell polarization in ALS

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