Scientific Articles

With a membership of over 170 U-M faculty and their labs, the center contributes to several hundreds of publications a year.

Below are research outputs that have received attention in the news, social media and other digital sources ranging from “mainstream” sources to citations, and that have been identified by Altmetric. Combined, the attention score posted inside the “donut” represents a weighted approximation of all the attention Altmetric has picked up for a research output (not a raw total of the number of mentions). You can find more detail about how it is calculated, including the standard weightings for each mention type, here.

Below is a list of search queries based on several key words relevant to RNA science, medicine and research. This list is only a fraction of possible choices, and is meant to provide a sampling of the breadth of current RNA research being conducted at U-M. Note that queries pick keywords from the article titles, and that the search is regrettably incomplete.

Query for “RNA” is listed below.

Other queries: