Postdoc and Staff Scientist opportunities at the Alumkal’s lab

The Joshi Alumkal Lab at the University of Michigan is recruiting a post-doc and a staff scientist focused on transcriptional regulation and lineage plasticity/drug resistance in prostate cancer. The positions are intended for highly-motivated individuals with an MD and/or PhD with expertise in cell and molecular biology, biochemistry, or epigenetics. Experience with cancer research is preferred.

The Alumkal Laboratory’s main emphasis is to understand how genomic and epigenomic changes contribute to lethal prostate cancer progression. We use biochemical, genomic, and epigenomic approaches in cellular models to clarify mechanisms by which key transcriptional regulators function. The most important goals of our studies are to identify therapies that effectively target and interdict lethal prostate cancer progression and to conduct innovative clinical trials designed to validate the molecular and clinical effectiveness of novel therapeutic agents.

Good oral and written communication skills and willingness to work in a team environment are essential. Salary is commensurate with experience. Our goal is that trainees and staff develop both critical, independent thinking skills and proficiency with a variety of state of the art techniques to solve pressing human health problems. We strongly believe in equality of opportunity and a respectful workplace. Please apply through the U-M hiring portal here (post-doc) and here (staff scientist).

For questions, please contact us at: